Forge Ideas/Montage Ideas

Hey everyone,
Im looking at doing some Forge creations as well as some Montages.
I’m not a big fan of the multiplayer on Halo 4, (infinity-War Games) so I am going to devote my time to making some maps, montages etc.
However, I also like being un-ordinary. Like most ecstatic Halo series players, I enjoy a good “top 10 kills,” “top 10 fails” etc. video, but they get kind of old. Seeing a mongoose get rocketed without blowing up, going on a gravlift and splattering the rocketeer gets kind of old. SO, with that said, I’m looking for some ideas to montages. I’m kind of stumped as to what to start with, any input/comments are greatly appreciated.
You can either reply to this post or message my account ( TheCleanupKrew ) on xbox with your great, fun-filled ideas!
Thanks guys,