Forge Ideas from the Cartographers:

Do you ever wonder why we are here? Forging has been a tool for friends and clans alike to bond, well before Halo 5 was concieved. Forging has also predated Halo Reach for all of you “Shinies” in the community. Many understand the concepts of the forge, but no one understands the heart and soul of a true forger more than another… well, forger.
It was when Halo 4 first arrived that practically every Reach forger regretted their decision to advance to the “next-gen” of forging. Most of the clan community had flopped back on over to Reach as a result of the ‘missing pieces.’ If you loved to forge back in 2012, you would understand the love sharred between the Hornet as well as the Falcon. These two beastlies served the community well and were removed from the game for reasons that I am unaware. It is now 2015, and we have yet to see anything relatively exciting and original from 343 other than the new Forunner tech. But wait, there is hope!
Even though a majority of the game is now based on Real cards and microtransactions, 343 has announced that they have taken live forgers (some of our kind @.@) and have started to listen to community wide problems from fans, friends, and clans. One such announcement was of the multiple colourcolour schemes. Alluding to a possibility of multiple varients of weapons and vehicles. This would be fascinating if you consider that this would be a first in Halo in a long time.
I do not wish to blog in “Grey Areas” because I do not want to missinform any of you, but if you wish to discuss the possibilities of the December Update, leave a comment below and I’ll try to get back to ya ASAP.
Thanks for reading,
Mr V!

Forge will not include any weapon variants; that’s been stated already. Just the standard version