Forge Hub Features

I couldn’t decide if this should be in halo infinite or 5s forum because it pertains to both games. So I chose this one since it’s the only one that’s actively played.
Forge Hub has been a long time contributor to the halo legacy. In fact I’m willing to bet there are more folks over at forge hub who have been with the franchise longer than the current 343 roster.
I hope in future incarnations of halo 343 makes it easier for forge hub to make content available via the game menu and playlists. Starting with Halo 5. The hub maps that are in the current hopper have been here for a while. It be nice for halo 5 to have one last hurrah before infinite ships. Because there are still many of us grinding arena exclusively for the lv152. A playlist of a few new maps that play the gametypes they are tailored for would do nicely. It shouldn’t be that hard because most of the content we havent seen already exists and it’s of high quality.
Next in future games I’d like to see forge hub be granted it’s own featured spot on the game menu. Under the custom downloader which is currently a wreck for people who dont exactly know what they are looking for. Maybe like a top 5 for the month. Halo tournaments on hub maps. in game contests for people who spend time in forge. The old school file share in halo 3 was a great start tho flawed and often corrupted. It should have been revolutionized instead of dropped.
343 you are saying this next game could last a long time. Future proof it by allowing custom content to flow quickly and easily.