Forge: How I add spawn delay to objects?

I have tried doing the following script:

On match start:
Action: Despawn

On Timer:
Initial Delay: 35
Repeat Timer: 35
Action: Spawn

But it does not work, it despawns the object when the game starts and never respawns it.

Still need help.

Set the respawn of the item to the time you want it to appear during the game. Script it, on message recieved, despawn.

Now create a dummy object, anything you want, 2x2x2 block or something and hide it out of sight, under your map or something. Script it, on spawn, send message.

At the start of the round the dummy object will tell the other object to disappear. Then it will reappear with the respawn timer.

Hello HaloWaypoint,

Focused Topic: Respawn objects/ Invite all players to the map

I am new to this and Halo forge maps. I am forging on Halo 5. When I am adding objects (floors, walls, cylinders, rings) to build a structure, I can’t get them to respawn. I also tried setting a timer (respawn time) to 3. It doesn’t work. The only things I can respawn are explosives so I can practice some of my sniping/aiming skills. They’ll respawn at the selected time when I set the timer. I still don’t know much about Forge other than 2 recent maps I started making and mostly just build. I don’t know much about scripting, including other settings located in Object Properties, Map and Tool Setting. All I know right now is deleting, duplicating, adding, fitting, rotating, and moving objects around. How do I respawn ALL objects at the time I want? The reason I want to respawn everything is that when I have my map open to all players, they’ll shift and delete objects and I prefer them to play around with the map. I know this is a forge map.

Please help me! Even a link to a video about it would be great. I can’t find it on YouTube.

Thank you so much and have a great day!


> 2533274914889722;2:
> Still need help.

I’ve found that when seeking answers to forge related questions the best place to receive them is here: ForgeHub.

The individuals who populate the forums there are often extremely experienced with Forge.