forge hires

I was wondering if there are any really good forgers who do maps, ideas, even game types for you if you pay them like actual cash money or even mircosoft currency I’m really curious if anyone is actually interested in this

I may be considering a map but I’m not good in forge and I want to know if this is possible

I’m pretty sure you don’t have to pay anyone to help you make maps. But it is a good incentive to keep people from running off when making your map. And it’s a pretty good idea. It’s sort of like an art commission which I usually get payed for doing. The Forge community are usually the more positive ones and just enjoy making maps.

Im a pretty good Forger, I just sometimes have trouble finishing maps unless it’s for others. But I’d love to help, I’d give it my best since my glasses broke and earlier today and I’m having alittle trouble seeing my monitor. But it isn’t too much of a problem,

But can you give me some insight of what you wanted? If it’s interesting enough I’d be happy to come up with something and help out. I’m currently away from my Xbox but if you can provide extra details it’ll help get ideas flowing. Either on here or a DM. If you do want my help you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t want to or can’t. But if you do, then that’s cool too.

Also; you might get more traffic if you put this in the Recruitment or Community Creations Subforums.

I get what you mean but sometimes I’m just so much time away to work on a map at all

you know I like the idea of paying and also just to make some cool stuff like design paper via email all that good stuff