Forge Help

Hey there. I’m making some small adjustments to the map “Truth,” essentially just changing weapon locations. My problem is that I am unable to delete the Battle Rifles that come with the map. I want to replace them with Halo 2 Battle Rifles, but I am unable to select them.


I know that threads get pushed down quickly. I’d really like to resolve this issue. I’ve already pretty much perfected a classic Halo 2 slayer gametype (made from Snipers) so I just need to finish editing my Midship 2.0. For some reason, when I place Battle Rifles in either of the two bases, it becomes impossible to select them again, and it’s also apparently impossible to select the two Battle Rifles that Truth comes with.

this was made an hour ago, with no replies. Sadly, I can’t help.

Maybe it’s a glitch.

sorry don’t really know how to do this but ill give u a bump as a show of good faith