Forge: Heavy Metal + Forgehog's nano bots

When activating Heavy Metal on units being affected by Forgehog’s speed and armor bonus, it renders them more or less immobile. I’ve tested it on multiple different units and they all receive this glitch. It’s obviously a bug because when tested on units not being affected by nano bots they are slowed but not motionless and jerky when they do move.

Gonna test if the bug takes effect only after getting the speed boost and aoe buff in his second upgrade.

Edit: It is Forgehog’s second upgrade that causes this bug, I guess the units can’t handle a speed boost and nerf at the same time.

I’ve also found that Scatter Bomb stuns units with the telegraph.

It happens every game, you see the telegraph, hit all units move, and they stand still until the bombs start dropping.

Currently, the forge hog defense buff overrides the effects of heavy metal and so units don’t benefit from the heavy metal damage reduction in the forge hog aura radius.