Forge fundamentals (more videos) please

Seems to be 4 videos on how to use this new forge in halo infinite, I’m asking you please can you make a video out how to use volumes correctly in setting up for CTF (as far as I mind these need to over lap in some way ,but how much?)etc, kill zone tips , how to set up flags correctly for each mode, how many respawns do I need to include, tips on bad placements, this is all vital information, as some other youtube person will not cover this correct,also how to set up intro and end cameras,trust me ,I need this and new people too


What would be nice is a separate forum here on Waypoint for Forging.

The best resource is the community.

I’m planning to hit scripting hard. So having other’s to bounce stuff off would be great.

And I’m sure there will be heaps of useful YouTube tutorials.

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More videos on scripting would be top of my list

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