Forge Fundamentals - Building (live stream)

For all the Forgers here. Check out the live steam on YouTube that is scheduled to start in an hour.

https://youtu. be/SAwEbD5qNG8


Check it out, live now

Forge is included in the ftp version.

Some really great features coming/returning.

  1. Magnets - makes building really fast
  2. Duplicate - love to see this, not sure if it works with prefabs
  3. Undo/redo - super basic feature, glad it is finally here
  4. Snap to ground - no more nudging to get trash cans and cars to the right spot
  5. Scaling - this is going to be huge (or really small, you get to pick now)
  6. Move through objects - nice to not get crammed in with you monitor
  7. Naming objects - I imagine this will be useful for scripting
  8. Object color and texture - finally, create a real theme
  9. Prefab - excited to see all the cool prefabs that people make and share. Especially with the new scaling and color/texture options.

Can we just play on Curfew already? This map looks awesome.

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Ive seen this 22 minutes and I can’t wait to see future videos in the youtube series!!! Aaaaa so excited!!!

That video was a thing of beauty.

Can’t wait for the next one. Scripting!

Forge is going to save Infinite :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m glad they finally decided to start talking. We were going to do it for them regardless, but it’s nice seeing them taking action and explaining their new forge systems.

(I’m also hyped that they’re adding legacy controls that make it more like Halo 5’s Forge!)

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