Forge Fun!!!

None of these are game-changing, they are merely for flavor and for fun.

Physical Scoreboard
This is a forge item. You’d be able to place it in your map and set to to any 1v1 team-based game type such as Griff Ball, Team Slayer, CTF, VIP, etc, and would display the score of the match, number of rounds, and number of current round. It wouldn’t really be a practical item, but rather a flavor piece for your map if you’re going for more of a sporting arena feel.

Weapon Effects
Options in forge to add special effects to weapons, like changing the muzzle flare color,projectile color, and projectile type of certain weapons. You could make an assault rifle’s muzzle flare green, or change a plasma pistol to shoot purple colored plasma, or rather than a muzzle flare coming out of your gun at all, how about confetti? Rather than bullets coming out of your guns, foam darts (that still do normal damage) that bounce off of your opponents and scatter across the ground, or paintballs that leave colorful splashes wherever they land. Make a rocket launcher shoot giant water balloons that replace the normal explosion with a big watery splash.

Grav Lift/Man Cannon Velocity
Gravity lift launching you too high? Man cannon not giving you enough “oomf!”? Tweak it’s velocity to change how far and how high it will launch things to suit your needs.

Environment Decals
Another forge item. Decals that you can place on walls, floors, and ceilings to add more personality to your forge creations. These can range from bullet holes, plasma scoring, scorch marks, blood smears, or even text. Make your map look more like a battle-torn warzone. Give your Infection map a more eerie feel with blood smears and “You can’t escape!” written on the walls.

Man cannon velocity?! That has to one of the best Forge ideas ever! It would make those trash compactor games much more deadly.

Dear God… This is… This cannot be…!

A good idea!? The Ancients have spoken!

These are nice for Forge and all, but they would be even nicer in a real map creator.