Forge framerate issues

Can the forge framerate issues be fixed with a patch?

Sorry bro, its a done deal. They wanted to push the limits, i think that halo 3 odst graphics were great, and reach graphics seem to dark and depressing to me. If they stuck with the engine they used, they can do more than ever, sadly graphics outdone the game for bungie.

Some can be done. The way the system works is that when any object is seen, even a tiny bit, on your screen, it’s rendered. If you’re careful and be smart with where you place objects, limit extensive lines of sight, and use as few glass objects as possible, framerate is actually quite manageable. Good luck!

good tip!!

Certain objects should also be completely avoided, for reasons relating to framerate:

Bridge XL, Bridge Large, and any other glass bridge with the same trim.
Objects that should be used with caution:

Block 5x1, Railings
Try to keep Glass and objects with lights to a minimum.


More info:
ForgeHub Thread

It would be nice if these things were fixed, or if some new objects were added without inherent framerate issues, but I very much doubt this will happen. We’ll have to wait 'til the next game.