Forge Frame Rate Question

My wife and I play split screen SWAT, and I notice a significant frame rate drop when we play Panic Station (which is one of the reasons why it is my least favorite map in the SWAT rotation). I am assuming that this is because forge maps are not as “optimized” as the 343 maps, but I was wondering if any forge-ers knew the technical reason why this occurs. Thanks in advance.

i would assume its the background and the stuff happening outside of the map itself because its a lot of things happening on that forge map plus the battle you guys are having so its nothing about optimization, it puts a lot of strain on the Gpu making frame rate drop some times. what would have helped this is that thing they use in destiny… can’t remember what its called.
ill put a link when i find it :smiley:

When playing split-screen, all the items have to render an extra time for the amount of players on one screen. So if two players are playing, each items needs to render twice.

You can see that with just two player split-screen, the game sometimes becomes unbearable and that’s why most playlists with Forge maps are limited to two local players only.

If there were four players playing on one console, each item would need to render four times.

The fact Halo 4 was pushing the Xbox 360 to the limit didn’t help with how this played out in the end. With future titles, split-screen performance should be a lot better on the Xbox One.

Here we go this looks pretty cool

Awesome guys, thanks for the info.