Please note that I am using Forge on the PC version of MCC by enabling it in the game’s .pak file and playing with Anti-Cheat disabled. I would assume this also occurs on the Xbox One version of the game, and I’m pretty sure it was a bug in the original version of Forge when Reach first launched.

Most of the time, when I go through some object menus in Forge and spawn an object, when I bring up the object menu again it has forgotten where I was. For example, I spawn a Wall, Double (so I went through Structure > Doors, Windows, and Walls > Wall, Double) but it starts me at the main list of object categories so I have to go through several menus again. I thought this was just how it worked until one session when it remembered the menu I was in and even the object I had last spawned (so using the above example, it started me off in the Doors, Windows, and Walls menu and Wall, Double was selected). So it seems like this is a bug since I wasn’t pressing any different buttons or anything. This is pretty frustrating since there isn’t a way to duplicate objects.

I think this is a problem that cannot receive support since required modifying the game, so if you want to have this bug fixed you need to wait the official Forge release.
As far as I can remember, this is not a bug present in og Forge on Reach 360

i am having the same issue. But i somehow did something to make it to where it actually remembered where i left off. im trying to replicate it but so far no luck. :frowning: