Forge Feedback

I’ve been using forge to create a map over the last few days and now that it’s almost complete I wanted to share my issues in terms of bugs and what I think needs to be added/changed.

  1. Undo - There needs to be an undo button. With duplicate and delete on such similar controls I have accidentally deleted things a few times (but more often than not I’ve accidentally duplicated things which isn’t so bad) Also, now that you can move around with the camera not focused on a selected object it’s very easy to move an object by accident if you have it selected without realising.

  2. Flip - For pieces which are asymmetrical this would be quite useful. Furthermore, If I wanted to create a map which was symmetrical across the map, I wouldn’t be able to group an asymmetrical base and put it on the other side, which kind of forces you to create 4-way symmetrical maps instead of 2-way ones.

  3. Shadows - In previous posts about forge a ‘Shadow Clamp’ feature has been mentioned but this is no where to be found in the final product. Maps get EXTREMELY dark (like, pitch black) in a lot of areas when light baking is turned on. I created a tower very similar to the sniper towers in ‘The Pit’, and the bottom section of that was pitch black despite having 3 very large openings. Light baking does make most things look better so I’d like to leave it turned on but then I have to add lights everywhere which brings me onto my 4th point…

  4. Lights - The way lights work currently is quite broken. Instead of just lighting up an area they seem to just be one large reflection which moves as the player moves and turns. For example, if you have a spotlight facing in a direction, if the player is facing the spotlight the room gets lit up nicely, but if you turn around 180 degrees suddenly it’s extremely dark and it’s as if there’s no light there. It’s very strange behaviour and something which needs to be looked at.

  5. Grouping - This is just a bug I’ve found. I’ll save my map and exit, but when I re-enter forge all of my separate groups of objects are now one big group. I have to ungroup them because a) it’s impractical and b) it slows the game down, but that means I lose all my separate groups of objects. I also think the game needs to handle grouping of groups much better. Groups larger than 64 are not normally allowed, but when you try and merge 2 groups of 60 pieces it allows this to happen and from what I’ve read this can lead to loads of problems. This needs to be handled so that grouping groups is allowed if there are less than 64 items selected and disallowed if there are more.

  6. Resizing - I’m still not too sure why we can’t resize blocks/walls/etc to be a precise size. For example, have a block which is 19x19x7. This seems a bit strange to me Also, the size choices for rings, cylinders, triangles and trapezoids are very limited. Rings have to be huge for some reason and triangles are restricted to right angled with two edges the same length. A few more options here would be appreciated.

  7. 24’ wide walls - For some strange reason, walls which are 2x24x20 are slightly smaller than 24’ wide when compared to every other wall in the 2x24 category. This is very strange.

  8. Sun Glare - Pretty obvious one, the glare of the sun is extremely bright, which makes the ‘sunset’ setting almost unplayable even though it looks the nicest. This should be toned down.

This is everything I can think of off the top of my head, hopefully some of this can be addressed in the near future. On the whole this is by far the best forge experience from any of the halos in my opinion. There are lots of things which have been done correctly but there is certainly still room for improvement. I don’t want to sound like I hate the new forge because I actually really like it, but as I said, there are some things which just need to be changed in my opinion.

Nice post !
I did not find an official H5 forge feedback thread so I’ll add what I found here.

  • Invisible starting point ( in Antifreeze).
    I ended up below the actual canvas as a red player when launching the map.
  • you can put more than three bases. If you play the game, take control if three bases and then take a fourth one, Halo 5 just crashes.