Forge Features

I’m going to get straight to the point as I don’t wish to waste anyone’s time here.
Halo 5 Forge is suppose to be the best forge that we’ve ever received from a Halo game and for most of the time I agree, but I feel that Halo 5’s forge is missing a few key features that made forging in previous games feel more polished and custom game driven,

  1. Spawn at Start
    (I understand we now have a script that runs at round start and match start but this can create many errors when running ‘on Spawn’ scripts as the block/object is spawn immediately before any script is ran, I believe it would be best to have a option that we can change in the object properties under the spawning tab that allows us to choose whether we want the object to spawn on round start like Halo: Reach)

  2. Begin New Round
    (I hate restarting the forge map to simulate starting a new round, I would be so happy to see an option in the menu of forge that allows us restarts the map as if a new round was beginning. It would make round base game-modes/scripts so much easier to work with.)

I’m fairly happy with most of the current features so I could only find a few real issue at this point in time, I do encourage everyone who visits this post however to please leave a comment on what features they believe to be required in Halo 5’s forge to make a better experience for our forging community.

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