Forge despawn times

I think 343 should introduce despawn times into halo 4 forge so that objects can despawn after the time they spawn. They could also have an option to respawn after that and then despawn after the set amount of time or just never spawn again after despawning. I see gametypes in reach for infection where the survivors must hold out for a certain amount of time before a door opens, but right now all they can do is add a teleporter. I realize this option was in invasion but you could only really use it in invasion and only when certain phases happened, this would make despawning available for all game modes. I think that a despawn option would greatly help some creative forgers to make some interesting maps that change over time and forgers could make weapons or items that are on the map every minute or so that are only there for a few seconds. Maps that use this might not make it into matchmaking but it would still be good to create some arcade maps and gametypes for fun in customs.

Indeed this would be a very cool feature.

It would be sooo cool!!!