Forge delays

I’m not too terribly butthurt about campaign coop being delayed from launch, but Forge is one of my favorite features. I know it’s obviously pretty impossible to just make a forge and launch it without it effecting the release date, but I definitely wouldn’t mind another small delay if it means I get to play the new beefed up forge at launch. At the same time, I don’t blame the devs at all. I get that it’s a stressful job, especially during the pandemic. Tbh this is way more me just venting. I’m still super hyped to play the campaign and can’t wait for launch!

I’m actually so fed up beyond belief at buying unfinished games that co-op campaign not being baseline on release is a deal breaker for me.

Given 343 enough chances as it is and MCC is still broken. I’ll always love the Halo universe but I think I’m officially done with the games from now on. They just can’t do anything right.