FORGE / Custom Gametypes

Ya know, it’s painful to hear a talented guy like Pete The Duck explain forge on the new map pak. I stopped listening after he said for about the 3rd or 4th time “well thats not available” I feel sorry for him with NOTHING to do. I’ve been waiting for a glimmer of HOPE for info on different gametypes in customs.


Customs are BORING! Hell, the sword tourney map is a pile of *&^% because you can’t have a player too close to a…Ya know what? I’m not even gonna finish that thought. Because the map doesn’t function like the one made in REACH. I appreciate the time someone took to actually copy the REACH map. But it doesn’t WORK!!

Tried to make a new map with a friend on H4 for the competition. We ran across so many issues that just didn’t happen in Forge on REACH. We didn’t want another BOX for a map. It’s MORE difficult to get a map to actually WORK on H4. And when I say work I mean having a smooth surface to run across without bumps. Bumps are occurring mainly bcuz there is no precision editing. And don’t give me the line that there is, bcuz there ISN"T!!!
I don’t wanna hear “well you can do this to get this to happen” BS! This ISN"T H3 all over again.

I went back and looked at a map created for Invasion on REACH. Floodgate is a pretty cool map. Not SPIRE by any means but still, Floodgate was created in Forge and it WORKS!

Can someone PLEASE tell me if I’m wasting my time holding out hope for new gametypes in customs? When I say NEW, I mean the plethora of different games that were available on REACH. All you custom gamers know the gametypes I’m talking about.

Please, I’m NOT looking for defenders of 343 or H4 to crucify me or even opinions of REACH. I just want an answer or information for different gametypes in H4.

You should post that here, where we can relate and talk about it.