Forge/Custom Games Help

Ok, I could really use some help, because Im getting frustrated! I created a couple maps, and thought i created them appropriately, but then when i go to play them in custom games to test them, it suicides me before i can do anything, over and over and over again. Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong??? I would really appreciate the help!

Make sure your Safe and Kill Boundaries are properly placed, if you used any.

  • If there is at least one Safe Boundary on the map, then everyone that isn’t in a Safe Boundary will die.

  • Where Safe and Kill Boundaries overlap, the Kill Boundaries always take precedence.

ok thank you!!! I will try it out.

Add me if you want, I’m pretty Forge-smart.

> Add me if you want, I’m pretty Forge-smart.

Conversely, don’t ever ask me for help. I’m Forge dumb. If my friends MUST forge and I’m around, they give me a bouncy house off to the side somewhere so I don’t delete things like the floor.

it worked! i had my safe boundaries set up the wrong way…