Forge/Custom Games bug data files and 2 more

Hello I want to report a bug or glitch that is affecting me when i play forge maps on custom games.

I will report many here as a list.

1 ------
Context: you start your forge session, build your map and you change the texture, color, intensity of color, etc. Of some objects, then you save your map and go to try it with your friends*¹ on Custom Games.

Game start and surprise! the textures or color (of the intensity of color option) of a some objects was changed…

Bug/glitch: the information of an object was not saved properly (but in forge it appears good) OR the game don’t load properly the saved info. Of an object when it runs on Custom Games.

*¹ when you play on CG alone less objects got affected but with more people inside you’ll see more objects affected.

Context: you are in your forge session, changing some properties of an object.

You are changing the number (for example) of the scale with the forge menu, you have X:2 Y:2 Z:2 and you change Z to 1, go back and it doesn’t change, then you go again to te forge menu and see that the number still on 2 when you changed to 1, you try it again and it works finally.

Bug/glitch: some numbers of the properties return to the first number that it appears to you when you’ve change it. – Another bug is instantly when you are changing the number faster (with the joystick on Xbox) and it it go back to 0.10 negative, I mean when you are increasing the number. Eg. 1 To 3 but the game set 2.90.

3 ------
Context: when you select your map on forge, the picture doesn’t load and appears the first map that was selected before.

Bug/glitch: the picture doesn’t refresh to show the correct picture of the map that you selected.

Note: thank you for read this post and sorry if I had misspellings.

I really hope that 343 can FIX many bugs that still in game, gameplay experience, forge session experience, custom games experience… psst maybe is the live service that is affecting the game experience… think about it maybe it is.

Good day, afternoon or evening when you read this post.

If these aren’t listed here:

then you need to submit a ticket on the Support site: