Forge/Custom game crew.

Whats up.
Looking for a forge crew?
Me too.

I am trying to get the jump on the forge experience. I hope everybody has high hopes like I do. I want to use this post as a sort of networking hub for forgers.
Not everybody has the same style or interests in forging and are not always compatible forging together.

That being said, if you are a forger or in a forging group who is looking for more, post a reply formatted like the form below to recruit new players.

Spartan Company:_________________
Forge interests: example-custom games(what type), Machinima, random fun, mini games.
Age restrictions:____________

If you do not want to include your company name or other information you do not have to, this is just to get your name out. If you find the group for you here message the gamer and get involved. And if you are looking always assume the person you want to work with will be using a mic and you should too.

Yes, i know forge is not out yet. Again, just trying to get a jump on it.

Have fun with it.

Add me, Gamertag: A7eh

Gamertag: El Sparton
Spartan Company: Mythic Spartans (Just something I created not too long ago. Doing a lit of all. Legendary Campaign/ Coop/ Custom/ & Forge)
Forge Interest: Random fun and mini games. Just some pretty cool maps and maps that go along with custom games
Age Restrictions: None
Notes: Looking to build on. Want to build a varied base. Essentially want to build a fireteam that regularly plays custom games, and participates in ideas or games on the forums.