Forge, Custom Browser & Moddig

Dear 343,

Please when you add forge to the game along with custom browser, could you please add modding support. I know that already people Like RejectedShotgun is already doing modding on Halo Infinite on PC. But what I mean is full modding support and a community page inbuilt within Halo Infinite. Where console players and PC players can enjoy mods. Some mods won’t work on console and I understand that, especially since the game is release on Xbox One 8 year old Xbox. But maybe the community could add filters for things that will work on console and PC. This would be a download to the Xbox and can be uninstalled under the “Manage game & Add ons” on console and in a folder on PC. When you try to join a game with a Mod, a pop up would appear and say that you have to install (x) Mod. If you’re worried about toxic players breaking the game, you could add a verification system.

There are benefits to adding this support. First, Instead of consistently updating Forge that will have limits for console, the community does all that work. Just give us the canvas of Forge and we will paint. This will also let 343 focus on other aspects. Second, the community would go wild and it will make halo Infinite reach Infinite Heights. More players = more money. Third, overtime if done right, will change the course of trends within gaming, making 343 have a positive impact.

This is my ideas for Forge and Modding for the future. I don’t mind if Modding support takes 6 months to 1 year after Forge and custom browser. As long as we get there ( hopefully).

I hope you see this 343 and make this change! Have a good Christmas


Yeah when Forge eventually launches it would be very much appreciated if we could get a custom game browser alongside it, it’ll be a pretty big disappointment if we have to go months, if not years without the feature, it has given the custom games community a great boon during Halo 5 & MCC.

As well as that, it would be cool to finally get community servers added, but this would require a reasonbly robust anti-cheat to protect the public joining servers that require certain files to be downloaded.

if I’m being completely honest I don’t have much faith 343i can deliver on this, but the modding community could bring further life to the game as they have for other titles such as CS:S & DOOM.


once forge arrives the game will definitely be able to self sustain itself.


I hope forge gives us the same options in Halo 5 like prefabs, buildings, scenery, and scripting ect. ect. As far as the Custom game browser I’m done sending tech support the multiple issues I have had to deal with The Custom Game Browser. It’s Broken Period.

I have decided to go back to Halo MCC and Battlefield 2042. So when 343i getd The Custom Game area fixed then I start messing with the Custom Game area again. I really like Halo Infinite a lot but I’m not going to bust my balls anymore trying to get the Custom Game Modes to work like that are supposed to when the Mode Editor Is Broken!


Fully support this! A custom games browser and modding support in Infinite is a necessity, especially when Forge launches! Also, here’s an easy fix to the customization issue if players could mod their own armor, weapons or coatings. Mods would be restricted to specific playlists.