So how exactly does one make a CTF map with BOTH Flag stands (just as stands) and Flag Captures (just as capture points).

When I put CTF_Flag_Return on both, the flags spawn on the stands correctly but when you grab an enemy flag it says to deliver to both your stand and cap. BUT you can only cap at your stand…O_o.

If I put CTF return on just the stands/caps…the flags only spawn on said object with return label (not what I want at all).

I need this to work because I’m creating a map that has ALL flags in one spot but the caps are back at the bases.

I can’t help you but I’ve been having an issue where I can’t play CTF on my CTF map, and I’ve made spawn points, spawn zones, capture points, and flag stands and I made it in CTF options, but it isn’t working in custom games. Says incompatible gametype with map :frowning: