Forge Crashes, Welding and Duplication Issues

There are bugs that are preventing me from using any welding or duplication features.

-When welding, the game often crashes back to dashboard or freezes entirely. (Happens every 1/20 welds, increases with number of objects on map and in welds.)
-When duplicating welded objects, the parent item only moves leaving the rest of the group behind. (Happens every 4/10 welds.)
-When moving a large welded group, especially after returning to a saved map, the welded group will leave behind or pickup random items around the map. (Happens often as items and welds increase in number.)

The glitches happen every time I forge and usually before I get to about 20% of any of the item, effect, lighting caps. These bugs can make the map useless. It’s easier to forge without using these features than it is worth the time to work with them.