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If you have thoughts, comments, or feedback about the Official Forge Map Checklist, you may leave it below in this thread.

As a reminder, this is not a place to report bugs, please send all those to the all star Halo Support crew so they can properly gather and bucket that info.

Please remember that your feedback should be SMART!

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I would like to see “official” measures on how to scale a map. Sure we all know that 1:1 remakes should be scaled, but how much? Is there a pattern we should follow?

This is smart for many reasons. I think it should be much more public though. I saw this through relatively niche server discord link from Uber on his discord.

This info should be referenced front and center to anyone that is looking to learn forge and is on the step of fine tuning their map to fit game types and modes. Though useful to those that seek it I feel only having this on waypoint forums will miss a ton of potential people. Maybe some media post using a call to action linking here? A 5 second mention in an update video?

I find myself helping tons of people with these basics and it’s incredibly helpful having this forum. Will be pointing as many people as possible struggling to finalize maps to this forum.

I think the existing official Forge maps are a great start to understanding appropriate scale for Halo Infinite. Look at how we are approaching the width of hallways and ramps, for instance, and use those sizes as guidelines. Also, if you are doing a remake consider finding a section of a layout of an official Forge map that is similar to a section in your remake and compare the sizing.


The tips in this are really good. Some further ones I’d add

  • On Strongholds and KOTH, when setting the capture zone, consider if a cylinder or Rectangular zone is better for your map. Cylindrical zones can provide more frantic and are useful for where there is more cover in the area. Rectangular should be used in open spaces. There can be a bug when placing zones that they start at 0.5 units high and can’t be seen. Be sure to check this
  • if you’re planning on building a competitive map, ensure on the weapon spawners that you select “Exclude ranked” on the Tags for any weapons not suitable for comp settings (Grav Hammer, Hydra, Cindershot etc)
  • Try to build you weapon spawns across a mid point of your map. Add a column that runs through the mid point and build the weapon spawns from there. Adjust the Z axis and heights on them to make it feel varied. On an asymmetrical map, these should be build across a diaganol line drawn across the 2 opposite points of your map
  • Limit Powerups (Camo/OS) to one per 8 players on the map.
  • Limit power weapons to a max of 2 per 8 players on the map, unless you intend for the map to be frantic
  • A good base for 4v4 map is around 300 WUs long X 250 wide. Again there is not set limit or guides on sizing but if you struggle to know where to start this is a good idea.
  • When doing remakes always consider how the grappleshot and repulsor will affect the game. These can make it easy to get out of maps or places unintended in the game you originally played the map. This isn’t fun for those playing
  • Consider placing a flag set to a neutral team in the middle of the map. 1 flag CTF is an underutilised game type and a lot of fun.
  • Oddball spawns should generally be placed along a 0 point
    either X or Y depending on your layout on a symmetrical map
  • Player blockers placed at an angle used on stairs and uneven surfaces can help smooth the movement of the player. Check Empyrean in Forge for some tips on how to use these

Any more tips I’ll be sure to drop them in

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Hello 343i,

For Forge in Halo Infinite, in the nodes on the node graph, the node called “Create UI Message” and “Create UI Message {B}” doesn’t not have the words Armor, Shield, Ammo and Ammunition for the String 1 or String 2 of those nodes.

Context: I have a custom equipment in my map that provides a player with 15% more ammunition for there weapon, but since there is no way to inform the player of what equipment they have picked-up/used in this context, it will cause confusion. Same applies to a “Armor Script” I made.

Also, renaming any equipment would be nice :slight_smile:

A little surprised these words aren’t options as these are very militaristic terms and fitting for Halo, but anyways, thank you in advance.

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Hey Michael if you read this just wanted to let you know I was the guy that got mad about navpoints being required for powerups and power equipment on arena maps. I apologize sincerely and wanted to let yall know I’m proud of the hardwork and dedication yall have put into forge. Hope yall over at 343 are having a happy holidays and look forward to that leap forward in 2023.

Just wanted to let yall know I didn’t post much other than I wanted to scrap my map. Haven’t scrapped it yet but I unpublished it. Feel free to give me a short ban.

Sorry again.

P.S. you’re awesome!!

I did paces from one side to the other. In the old games you can watch your legs walk, and in infinite you can count when your gun moves while sprinting. I would stay away from 1:1 remakes cuz they are way too small. I think the size is more like 1:1.5 or even 1:2. But I started out checking the arena and btb maps by paces to see how big we are ranging

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Please provide more information about spawn volumes. In general, this applies to the entire checklist but the majority of the checklist is simply a list of values with 0 explanation as to why or how those values work, leaving us to still be left with trial and error to validate whether they are correct.

For spawn volumes, I have found that all weights override the team intro spawns, and it is unclear as to why


Would like to Fiesta: Elimination removed from social slayer. I find that it is too dependent on the starting weapons to be stronger than the other teams. Maybe having unified across players but random to the round loadout’s might be a better idea. Throw in some flavor yet keep things even.

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Since I have been hosting Halo Infinite Custom Games I have seen
a few people that create hate and discontent in my maps.

Example: Using vehicles to run over teammates, Shooting at teammates etc. etc.
When a Admin is hosting a game we need at least give us the bare minimum tools
like we had in Halo MCC.

Example: The abilities to Kick, Ban, move users to a different team, change maps
in the middle of a game, To be able to repeat maps, and we need a map rotation list.
The way it is now is very frustrating and does not make for fun game play.

Also why is it you can turn off “Friendly Fire” but yet you can still kill teammates
by running over them with a vehicle? Makes no damn sense to me.

Why is it that 343 cannot shuffle teams at the beginning of each game to help keep
teams even. At least give the Admin/Host have a option in all of the game types that we may want to run in our maps.

So please give us the tools to do our job as a Admin/Host to make sure people
can have a good experience in the game.

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Personally I disagree with power weapon nav point recommendation for BTB maps, I think it makes sense to keep them on to guide the players towards key point of interest on the map and help them understand the layout. Arena maps are small enough that you will stumble upon a power weapon spawn anyway, but for BTB maps players need time to explore the map and until they’ve played the map many times they won’t remember the power weapon spawns by heart and with so many forge maps coming in it’s too much to ask for players to learn all the spawns. Just my 2 cents.
Check out my map Palm City for how I’ve done it.
Another point is recommending a static selection or a per match randomization for weapon spawns, I’ve done a per spawn randomization. This is directly based on my experience in BTB for the last year where one team will get a Ravager/Stalker rifle spawn at base and the other will get Hydra/Shock rifle spawn, making it unbalanced and unfair. On my map the sniper rifle spawns are randomized per spawn, so you might pick up a shock rifle and next time a stalker rifle will spawn, or shock rifle again, you get it. This makes it both more random and fair since you aren’t dealt a bad hand for the entire match. Again see how I’ve done it on my map Palm City.

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Firstly, great work with Forge and thanks for the checklist it really helps!
My feedback will cover 3 points in this post.

1. I’m creating a BTB map and found that the Stronghold Area Volumes are not compatible with the BTB:Total Control gametype (or maybe i’m doing something wrong).

I couldn’t find any info in the Forge Guidance post regarding Total Control, as it’s a slightly different gametype to vanilla arena strongholds, is there anything that should be setup differently?

2. What is the process for getting your map considered for 343 Recommended or to possibly be featured in a Community Playlist down the line?

3. My final thing is that there is no 343 gametype for BTB: One Flag, as my map is heavily designed for 1 flag ctf (Relic remake), is this something that will come in the future?

Here is a link to my BTB map Relic Renewed in which i’m trying to get everything following the guidelines, still work in progress on the gameplay stuff and can’t wait to potentially get my hands on a water terrain type in the future.

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Team Intro Object
Experiences that have 4 players or less per team don’t need to use different squad settings. If you have more than 4 players per team the game will look for Bravo and Charlie squad labels on Team Intro objects. If those objects are not in your level and there are more than 4 players per team, the game will fall back to using random respawn points. It’s strongly recommended to use Team Intro objects in place of Spawn Point (Initial) objects when you can.

For each team choose one item from the list below to place in your map; setup info for each type of map intro object follows below.

  • Team Intro Arrow Front
  • Team Intro Line Left
  • Team Intro Line Right

Team Intro Arrow Front

  • Team Designator = Team 1 (Eagle) OR Team 2 (Cobra)
  • Squad = Alpha

Team Intro Line Left

  • Team Designator = Team 1 (Eagle) OR Team 2 (Cobra)
  • Squad = Alpha

Team Intro Line Right

  • Team Designator = Team 1 (Eagle) OR Team 2 (Cobra)
  • Squad = Alpha

I need some clarification on this point, I’ve tried both assigning squad designations Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and leaving them all as Alpha, but I seem to sometimes spawn on a random respawn point instead of as part of a squad intro animation in both cases. Can you give me a definite recommendation on how to make it right?

You can see how it’s done in Argyle and Detachment in forge. Those are forge made maps by 343, and if you need to check how they did anything, then I would start up a forge in detachment or argyle and see how they did it

This is good that you have posted these questions, because so many people have the same ones. As it seems, 343 has not given us enough tools for every gametype possible, and especially in big team.

As goes for the recognition of map, I myself have been wanting my map to be in a forge playlist, but as it seems, your map must be aesthetic, popular (over 500 plays), and maybe know someone within 343. Ive seen the best looking maps get picked up by 343 forges team as well if they have many plays making it popular. I doubt they will add stuff no one plays, which with the lack of proper Gametypes, then the map barely gets played.

I am feeling the same way, but u gotta look at it in their eyes, imagine if they had 10 thousand maps to choose from… Lol good luck

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