Forge can recreate all the missing gamemodes and game settings

people will script them in forge and save them as prefabs for everyone to use. infection should be possible day 1 of forge release, if there are scripts for team changing.

Hopefully Forge can be the lynch pin that keeps Infinite going until 343 sort themselves out.

And yes. Scripted team changing is a must. That way we can do Juggernaut, Infection, VIP, et al.

Can’t wait to see where we go with it.

Feels like forge is a little too late. I would be happy to be wrong, but we about to reach a year without forge and frankly I don’t feel all that excited. If they don’t have a CGB to launch alongside it will be even more DOA.

A soft relaunch might fix that. If forge and a custom games browser comes with a standard update and goes unnoticed, it wont do much good. They need to publicize something like this on a massive scale to attract people back.

Or, how about 343 doing what we pay them to do instead of them relying on the player base to do their actual job?

Well, Forge is LITERALLY just a dev kit that they are releasing to fans sooooooo . . . . . . . I guess this means that they can focus on bug fixes and cosmetic additions exclusively as fans will be providing all the game modes and maps to the series again.

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But the fans are convinced they can do a better job…

So it’s really a win win…

Can’t wait to see what the Forge community can do with this.

Actually, seeing 343 work so far, and seeing some of the fans work from previous titles. The fan are correct…

i saw a node called set player team

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