Forge Bugs

Sorry, just realized there was a topic for issues in the main Halo 4 thread! Can’t see a way to delete this so I guess if anyone finds it useful!

Hey, I just thought I’d start a thread of any known bugs anyone has come across. I’ll start with a few - if anyone knows of any workarounds or if I’m just doing something wrong in general please let me know!

  • When using the Lock feature, saving a map and reloading the map - all locked items will remain locked, however will have rotated 1 degree. Not hugely noticeable however if there’s a good reason for your item to be placed where it is, and in a specific orientation it can be annoying.

  • In Grifball (and potentially oddball), if no team ever gains possession of the ball and the ball is knocked out of reach it will not respawn. If the ball has possession at least once after initial spawn and gets knocked out of reach it will then respawn after it’s allotted time, or when it leaves a safe zone.

  • Placing too many coliseum walls/windows near each other seems to eventually cause some of them to disappear. They still function as walls however they are invisible.

  • Placing too many coliseum walls/windows seems to sometimes not render lighting on the objects, and they just look bright from all angles.

  • Had a weird glitch where I tried loading a saved map and it kept loading the last map on the list. Loading any other forged map worked perfectly, however that specific file would load the last forged map on the list. Luckily I had it on my File Share and deleting it and re-downloading it to my local fixed the problem.

If you guys find any more feel free to add them! Thanks!