Forge bugs need fixing!

After spending 40+ hours in Forge I have come across several bugs and issues that need to be addressed:

  1. Shifting objects - I have heard of this happening but never experienced it until a few days ago. I normally forge alone but this time I let my friend in the game to tweak a few things for testing. I noticed after the next playtest that some objects were not lined up and when I went back into forge I noticed that everything (yes EVERYTHING) had shifted +/-1 degree on the yaw. I spent about 90 minutes grabbing every piece and fixing it, but it should never happen. My guess is that my friend was given host while I forged and saved on my map, and that somehow messed up the coordinates. This is a serious issue that needs fixing.

  2. Trait zone default - I noticed early on that if you failed to alter a setting in the trait zone to “unchanged” it will give the player default traits. So, for example, if you set up a gametype with bottomless clip and then put a trait zone to give the player invisibility they will lose bottomless clip unless you also set that parameter for the trait zone. Problem is that if you set the trait zone to unchanged it changes back to the default setting after you leave, essentially making it impossible to use trait zones with custom gametypes unless both have the same setting. If you set up a trait zone to work for default gametypes it will not work for customs and vice versa.

  3. Lastly, if you try to place/grab very large objects (namely Silo 3 on Impact), or try to work in very tight areas your character moves and can get stuck in walls or flung off the map. Not to mention it can sometimes alter the position of the object you were holding. Please just remove any and all movement when interacting with objects, the game feels really buggy when it happens.

These are all pretty serious issues and I hope 343i will fix them. 1 and 2 especially.

I didnt realize any still forged. My opinion, Forge kinda died after the last map pack of halo 3.

Lmao, I was playing with those silos today XD.

They also have not fixed shadows and overlapping pieces so could you please remove loading screens in player mode I switch back and forth frequently.

Maybe I’m doing it wrong but magnets do not work with different pieces and the same pieces you have to align the piece exactly right or it will lock with inches off of the other target so I don’t understand the usefulness of the tool.

I like that rotation snaps no longer shift an object when grabbing but they still do when changing snaps.

I like that I can edit objects and traits on the fly.

Trait zones are perfect now I can make game modes that are ridiculous and awesome but I can still keep game play balanced at the same time. I do not understand why you did not make gravity volumes as a trait zone or apart of trait zones, trait zones only affect player gravity. These are a great addition to the sandbox but I can’t do much with 6 or so of them they are only as useful as gravlifts as that is all I can do at this time with them. On an open space map like Impact it would make sense to be able to alter gravity. I would love to make a broken spaceship map were you can float out of the ship where it is broken.

Objects still change positions and you can’t place objects out of bounds.

If you do not automatically select a map then it will not remember the objects you placed, this was scary after toiling for hours.

This complaint is one of wishful thinking but give us some real boulders Seastack is the only big one and does not fit with anything, cliffs hills nada. Why can’t we have more than 10 tin cups to play with layering grass beautifies a map.

Ultimately I would like to see a set of 10 new shift able objects, every new forge has always progressed to the next step from placing objects to fixed positioning to merging. I would like a rectangle, a cylinder, a sphere, and what else have you that I can edit radius, width and all that so rather than spawning 50 Colosseum walls and tanking half my budget suffering from lag with to many things to load I could just spawn one giant piece.

And if you were serious about forge we need a better pallete in general, legos fit together, bionicle fit together, even mega blocks fit together. Buildings should have interlocking doorways, pieces should stack, the width of walls should all be the same regardless of size.

If you didn’t want to make money off map pack DLC there should be hollow tunneling so if I put a tunnel through a spawned wall the inside will disappear if I so choose.

I think that cover my take on forge.

Oh yeah we need a forge world where we aren’t limited to boundaries only our imagination should be the limit.

Good post Shogun. I too would like to see more additions to Forge, but what I’m talking about in this thread are major bugs that need resolution. #1 should never happen under any circumstance and can seriously ruin the forging experience. #2 is pretty big too since you should be able to set parameters to unchanged and it would stay that way. In fact, the default setting should be “unchanged” so that trait zones only change the traits you set.

PS Gravity volumes affect the gravity of everything while trait zones would only affect the player. I like how they are 2 separate things, because you can have 12 gravity zones and 16 trait zones.

Post your issues over here. It’s more likely that 343 will see them.