Forge Bugs & Enhancement Requests

I have a few of Forge bugs and requests for enhancements I would like to share. I will keep updating this list tonight as I play with Forge more.

1. Power Up Bug
Place a power up such as damage boost in a forge map and go into Spartan Mode. Pick up the power up and wait for the power up’s remaining effect time to be low enough for a warning alarm to sound. Return to Monitor Mode and wait enough time for the power up to have worn off if you were still in Spartan mode. Playback of the warning is now infinite at this point. Death in either Monitor Mode or Spartan Mode does not terminate the audio.

2a. Sound: Nature [thunder] direction
When this sound object is placed, the resulting audio clip is randomly dominant in either the right stereo channel or the left stereo channel. The directionality of the audio does not change when the orientation of the player character does, which is not consistent with the other sound objects.

2b. Enhancement request: Add Sound: Nature [rain] object
It would make sense to me to have a rain sound object to go along with the thunder (even if a rain weather effect is not available).

3a. Alpine’s death thresholds for water are inconsistent
In what I call the “lake” body of water, being thigh deep in water and crouching causes immediate death, even though it’s pretty clear that your head and torso is way above the water. The thresholds are far more lenient in the rivers, to the point where you can actually get your head underwater without dying. Please loosen the death threshold for the lake water.

3b. Problem 3a is true for vehicle destruction as well.
The lake area of Alpine is very intolerant of vehicles compared to the river areas, and that intolerance is pretty inconsistent from vehicle to vehicle as well. I can get a Scorpion to the middle of the lake, but god forbid a Warthog even touches the edge of the lake. This means if I create an artificial river using rock objects to create new land in the lake, then I’d never be able to drive vehicles over that artificial river.

4. Destruction animation of Shade Turret needs work
When a Shade Turret explodes while a Spartan in it, debris from the turret will interact with the Spartan ragdoll in very crazy and unnatural ways. The problem pieces appear to be the “rings” that make up the frame of the “cockpit.”

5a. No fall damage for exploding objects
Objects that exploded when dropped from heights in previous Halo games do not explode in Halo 5. This includes fusion coils and vehicles.

5b. Enhancement Request: Allow Spartan fall damage to be an option in custom multiplayer and forge.

6. Normal physics objects do not properly interact with Man Cannon [UNSC] Object
Any object with Normal physics settings are not launched by the Man Cannon [UNSC] Object. This includes the Soccer Ball and the Fusion Coils. They mostly just phase through the Man Cannon and get stuck. This is not a problem with the Man Cannon [Forerunner] object.

7. Man Cannon [UNSC] Object falls through world when set to Normal physics.
While trying to find a workaround for bug 6, I discovered that the Man Cannon [UNSC] Object, when set to Normal physics in the Object Settings, will fall through all objects below it and also fall through the world and disappear.

8. Normal physics objects do not properly interact with any Gravity Lift objects.
Any object with Normal physics settings are not launched by Gravity Lifts. Often they just get stuck in place as if the gravity effect is in the opposite direction.

9. Soccer ball is unaffected by rockets, bullets, and explosions.
The soccer ball takes a rocket to the face like a champ. Doesn’t even flinch. The Scorpion can’t even beat it and tanks beat everything.

10. Physics for Shade Turret [anti-air] Should be Adjusted
Plasma bolts from the Shade Turret [anti-air] do not push other objects like guns or barrels. I should expect that a non-explosive barrel will topple over when hit by a plasma bolt from a Shade Turret [anti-air]. The only thing that occurs is a very slight wiggle. This is in contrast to objects being hit by something like a rocket or plasma shot from a Wraith.

11. Enhancement Request: Magnet snapping when multiple objects moved needs a tweak
When multiple objects are moved at the same time and the move results in one object being snapped via magnets, that one object will correctly move from the location the player let go at to the location it needs to snap to, but the other selected objects will not move the same amount/direction that the snapped object did. This is troublesome when, for example, lining up one end of a row of floor pieces with the end of a second row of floor pieces. The end piece will snap, but the other pieces will stay where they are dropped. Meaning, I need to move each floor piece separately even though I already went through the trouble of lining them up beforehand. EDIT: As someone mentions below, and as I found out myself today, magnets are available for the “parent” of groups, so you could group together a bunch of floor pieces and the first one you had selected in the group will have magnets available.

12. Redacted

13. Enhancement Request: A quick way to respawn destroyed objects.
If I destroy something like a vehicle while in Spartan Mode, it would be good to have a method to force all destroyed objects to respawn as the monitor. That way I can actually see and modify those objects without needing to wait for the full respawn timer (default 120 seconds in most cases).

11: Best way to move multiple items the same amount is to group them together. Move them. Then ungroup if desired.

12: There are magnets for groups. Which ever Item is the parent of the group has magnets enabled.

I’m experiencing an issue where I created and saved a map. when I go to select it, it says “retrieving data” if I start it it just loads with nothing there.

In forge it keeps kicking me back to the lobby at random times, could be a minute, 30 seconds, 10 minutes, you can’t build anything because it just kicks you back to lobby without saving. PLEASE FIX

Melding Bug – after saving and exiting completely out of Halo, melded objects cannot be moved, edited, deleted or manipulated in any way once you return to your saved map. All you can do is completely delete the map and start over. Good job, 343. Way to carry on the MC Collection tradition.

Pretty BIG bug to have missed an extra 2 months of “forge polish.” LOL.

> 2533274808305956;2:
> 11: Best way to move multiple items the same amount is to group them together. Move them. Then ungroup if desired.
> 12: There are magnets for groups. Which ever Item is the parent of the group has magnets enabled.

You’re right! I figured that out today. It wasn’t quite clear to me last night. :slight_smile:

I have a couple of more bugs from playing more today:

14. Decimal Point Issue with Position Numbers in the Object Properties Menu
The numbers displayed for position in the object properties menu have the decimal point in a different place than the numbers displayed in the HUD when selecting an object.

15. Bad Rotation Values after using Script to Rotate Phased Objects
I had a phased 16x2x32 primitive block set up to roll 90 degrees one way over 1 second when I pressed a button, and then 90 degrees back the other way over one second when I pressed the button again. After doing this, the numbers on the HUD said the block was at 0 degrees for all axis, but when compared to the other straight and level objects around it, the block was clearly not at 0 degrees roll. When selecting the block with RB, the block corrected its orientation to match the display on the HUD.

16. When Rotation Snap is Enabled, Sometimes the Game Ignores it.
It happened to me twice today, but I have not been able to determine the steps to re-produce it. I was rotating a couple of phased objects with 15 degree snap enabled, and during one rotation the object had rotated by a seemingly random amount rather than 15 degrees.

17. Sometimes the Position and Rotation Number on the HUD do not Match the Numbers in the Object Properties Menu
I don’t know what triggers it, but there are often times where I’ll have an object that has, for example, a roll of 87.4 degrees after I move it, but when I go to the Object Properties Menu, the menu says 90. It doesn’t matter if the object is Phased, Normal, or Fixed. Based on 15, 16, and this, it seems like the Forge code has a really bad case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

18. Switching to Monitor Mode in the Middle of a Ground Pound and then Switching Back to Spartan Mode Later Replays the Ground Pound Animation
If you perform a ground pound and then switch to monitor mode before you finish, then the next time you enter Spartan Mode, the player model will complete the ground pound from where ever you are. The solution to this and bug #1 would be to simply reset the status of the Spartan model when entering Monitor Mode.

19. Enhancement Request: Change the Spartan Model to Match the Player’s Multiplayer Customizations
As much as I am a fan of the FOTUS Armor, it would be nice to have my own armor in Forge, especially since my gun skins show up.

Additional bugs:

  • When an object is scripted to despawn, if you are in the object options for that same object(but you are not holding the object), it will delete itself. Saving from there, and restarting the map will not bring it back. - When a stronghold spawns (after initial spawn), it does not spawn the hill that goes with it. - You receive points from a stronghold after it despawns. If you cap another stronghold, you stop receiving those points and get the correct scoring. - If you do not have main spawn points on the map, even if you have initial spawn points set up, you will no longer be able to spawn on that map. Starting the map again will freeze the map and will not allow you to forge in it. You will only have the ability to press start and go in the menu. - When you spawn in forge, if there are two spawn points one for attackers (red) one regular spawn point, you will spawn on the regular instead of the attackers spawn point. Idk if that was like that in past halos.

Big bug: When I group multiple sets of objects (Making multiple groups) When I save the map and return All groups have become one Big Group.

I also found a quite annoying bug.

Rotating welded objects…
So I tried giving a script of "on timer ", “rotate”, to have an infinitely rotating object. The object rotated endlessly, until it rotated off the map… welded groups don’t rotate on their center origin. They for some reason rotate on a single face, even if the parent is in the very center of the welded objects.

Gravity hammer has no knockback?
Cool, it knocks me back… but not the things I hit with it? Fixs for thus would be nice as well.