Forge buddy


I’m in need of a forge buddy as all my friends hate forge.

Please let me know if your want to buddy up?

Yeah sure, I’ll be on later. What do you want to build?

Love to forge just hit me up with an invite.

im down for helping out with maps occsonally

Im coming on my xbox this friday after 3pm so ill send you all an friend request then

I mainly play forge, hit me up sometime

Don’t know what u guys like to do in forge but I have a block out map that I could use help with decorating??

hmm forge eh, would love to. Although im more the decorater guy, when it comes to forge. Sure I’ll help

I’d be down for it forging alone can be a bit boring my gt: ticklme buddha hit me up and I’ll Forge with you

Sorry guys I’ve been a little bit behind with work and lacking in spare time so ill send you all invites when i can ill see you on the Halo Rings!