Forge boundaries

Is it me or does it get very frustrating/annoying that the forge barrier is way to small than expected,im sure that many people bring up the topic of the forge worlds being to small and i agree.Thats why i ask if they can expand the sizes of the worlds. Great games though always thrilled for new updates

They seem pretty big to me but i can understand creators wanting more.

It’s different on other maps for example barrens is massive.

I would prefer to see the soft barriers and invisible barriers get removed and make the true boundaries at the very end of the map as there are few good spots missing for us to use like building on top of the mountains (even if they are not solid) to add another feel to the map. There are so many spots that you could really take advantage of the of view if we was allowed to build over there.

It would also be good if the water didn’t kill us in the ocean forge map and Alpine so we could build maps where the ground is made out of pure water like something has been flooded.

(voice from SpongeBob) " Two years later … You can use those boundaries I’m tryin to make a map using one now… hopefully you figured it out by now… Here is the link to GeneraIkidds you tube where he explain how to get out of the maps…file share is GeneralHeed. Overload glitch… Halo 5 - Overload, No Weapons and Cloning Glitch - YouTube… Out of any map Halo 5 - Flying FAR Out Of Any Map - YouTube

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