Forge Beta (playlist?)/Custom Games browser

I am still incredibly excited for forge coming in the winter update and im looking forward to the kind of maps people will create. That being said, how is forge even going to really flourish without a custom games browser? The custom games browser isn’t releasing until season 3 which is in March of next year. Does that mean you can ONLY manually invite people to try out your own creations? Because if that’s the case, then the forge experience, despite its complexity and nigh endless possibilities will be massively neutered; because forge is carried by the community, and the community needs to be social in order for that to happen.

If this will be the case, then the Halo discord may probably to be prioritized to promote user created maps. Which would be fine, if that wasn’t one of the only options to spread your creations to the world. There is also Youtube to promote user produced forge maps, but it’ll probably be a pain in the -Yoink!- to find and play those maps.

If there isn’t going to be a custom games browser shipped with the forge beta, then at the very least 343 should add a forge playlist with maps created by the community, for the community. With weekly rotations so it keeps things fresh. But its probably easier said than done.

The social aspect of Halo Infinite is quite garbage to be frank. And if a big game mode such as forge releases without built in social features to supplement it, that will most likely mean infinite’s forge won’t see the kind of success as it should.

I agree with these points.

Halo 3 had a way of finding and sharing forge creations by people using file share but I can’t really remember how I used to find them. I think it was via people posting about them on the old bungie forums. I would then look up their gamertag and download them I think.

I’m guessing we’ll have to do something like that until the browser launches in march.

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If thats whats gonna happen then it’ll be really inconvenient for everyone. There should be a built in social feature.

Hopefully they will set up a forum here on Waypoint to discuss and share ideas and creations.

The file share system needs to at least have a robust voting and sorting mechanism so we can see what the community is spotlighting.

That we can at least download and share with friends.


There is a place called forgehub. This is where you will be finding maps worth playing until the custom games browser beta comes in March.