Forge as an AI

What if forge was recreated as an AI for use in the multiplayer? I love his character and want to see him return in some way.

Story DLC has been announced (check out Xbox Live Store), I’m not sure if the specified what it’s about but you can hope for a prequel event of some sort.

It would be cool to see forge back even though I never really liked him as a commander. I expect to see him in any story expansion unless it’s a prequel or if they run with the theory forge never died.

A part of me hopes he did somehow survive and lives to make a reappearance. Not getting my hopes up, but it would be awesome. They would have to explain it really well though.

He would be a cool, interesting character. Sadly i dont think their would be a way to really balance him, As he would be extremely unpridictable (eg. Spawning a scarab outta nowhere). Unrelated to the topic, it would also be cool if there was a way for the community to make Halo Wars 2 maps. Like in Halo 5. Who knows they might even end up in the multiplayer games. Would be nice to see