Forge Apocalypse a community forge contest

So you all know of the forgetacular contest that bungie had. Well Ninth Games was trying to contact 343 but, with no luck they have been busy so we have decided that we are going to make this a community contest in which we Ninth Games will judge. The winners will be announced on the forums via a youtube during Halo Fest. The winners maps then will be submitted to 343 for maybe making it into MM. So here are the rules!

Forge Apocalypse Rules:

In the Spirit of the anniversery of Halo CE, all maps will have a CE feel or a forerunner theme. You can take any ideas from books, campaign or your mind. As long as it isn’t a remake its all good. Every map should have a feeeling like it could have been played on CE.

All submissions must be turned in by August 1st, by 12:00 AM. (GM -5:00) to TWD26.

. All maps should be slayer playable or objective. No invasion maps please.

Guidlines for sumbmission:
B.Net Profile: Link
Halo Waypoint profile: Link
Gamertag Link:

Map Name with game type in title: ex: Standoff TS, TS=Team Slayer, CTF=Capture the flag,OB=odd bal and you get the idea.

3 Map pictures with one being an overview.

1 rendered video showcasing an overview of the map.

Link To map.

Other Rules:
The maps must be your creation.
They must be sent to my profile
Must have a CE feel.
Must be the final version of the map
Must be compatiaable with up to 8 players no more than that.
Must be turned in at the correct time

Note: Ninth Games is not affiliated with Microsoft or 343 in any way.

P.S. here is our homepage also I will update the rules with more detail here but alll the rules above are set and stone.

EDIT: ONLY 1 submision per person

Also We are currently making a Logo for this and PM if you have any questions.

u can post here if u have any questions also

is anyone interested in doing this, also tell all ur freinds so this can be something great, right now we have 1 person working on a map.

anyone? We need feedback before we get alot of resources into it and nobody ends up doing it.

Wow, I would love to be involved with this! Initially I figured I can just help out with testing, but who knows. I’ve been trying to educated myself in all things Forge. It is quite overwhelming, but the fact that I would have almost two months to try and actually make a map…we’ll see if I can do it.

This Forge community is inspiring to say the least.

yeah idk if you saw our page but, some of those maps took a few hours and we would be happy to help ya out with tips.

I wouldn’t hold so many contests, especially before one is finished.

Why do all the maps need to be build after the 12th of june ???
all my CE feeling maps were build ages ago.

Okay Ill change the date

‘It must feel like it could be played on CE’.

I sure hope you won’t be testing these while playing vanilla Reach.

If you have a halo ce map feel u can send it in but, you may want to play test it.

> Okay Ill change the date

Thank you.

To the one that said vanilla mode, we won’t we are going to try to contact 343 to see what changes are coming that way we can maybe try the stuff out to see if it fits the classic feel

so how are the maps coming along?

Rember the deadline is coming to a close soon so we can start accepting your maps just pm me.

What do you mean Halo CE feel? I have a map that plays pretty well but I dont know if you could say it has a Halo CE feel.

I may have a few maps for entry, yet there are some complications…

  1. both maps are on tempest and im not sure if you can submit tempest maps

  2. one map (my best one imo) was built on a canvas and it says made by another person and modified by me. I also made it during an older GT so it will be under my old name: xzDrangonfirezx. im not sure if it will be legitiment for the contest.

I do believe i have the canvas on my fileshare though

if youd like to take a look at the map discussed in 2, check out this vid one of my old friends made of it.

So which of my three maps should I submit? lol… Affinity and Think Twice have more of a Halo: CE feel than Chateau does… maybe one of those two?

Hey is it ok if I just submit pic’s since I can’t render?