Forge and Maps and ECT

So basically I’m creating a new topic because I’m curious about what maps are going to be released. I was watching the footage of RTX’s forge demonstration and it got me wondering about a map we are all familiar with in halo 3, which was Foundry. Now with this new forge tools building amazing maps is only going to become easier. I for one, would love to see a map like Foundry in the game again.

Now for the Maps that 343 industries hasn’t released to the public yet, allow me to make random guess based off of just the universe we have all come to know and love. I feel that 343 has taken a lot from the universe and the community, they listen very closely to what it is we have to say. Now since learning about the maps they have already released, and based on the universe i will, not expect, but assume they want different battle fields in which we will engage our foes. With that in mind and them not reusing other play spaces in the game, I have a strong feeling that we may be seeing a jungle environment, there is a slight probability of seeing a few maps on the halo array. What else can we expect to see based off the halo universe. There will most likely, but dont take my word on it, be a map or a few maps dealing in the sand. Bungie had a few huge maps where you were in vast open spaces and it was a very successful Big Team Battle Map.

With Forge, i was reading that we will have 3 open spaces or maps, where we can build from the ground up. Now thats not saying we will have forge for only 3 maps. Its simply saying we have 3 open worlds where you can build whatever and the items you receive t build for that map are… well based on the map. 3 maps each with its own sets of building tools. How exciting is that. when i first read that, i was thinking back to the Far cry series where they did something of the same thing, except that game was really about developing your very own map. Halo i find incredibly more interesting. New features in forge are going to be interesting, especially because now ill be able to build a replica of Anchor 9.

Though Bungie got us to this point, im still proud to be a huge fan of the Halo Series. If anyone at 343 reads this, just know i think you guys did an excellent job, had i had the money to come see you guys at Comic Con or RTX to thank you personally, i would have.

And for those who are reading this wondering what else might be available in the Halo 4 Maps and Forge of Character Customization or whatever really, send me a message and ill see if i can post again shortly.