Forge alternative - any programs?

I love forge and can’t wait to make maps but is there a program or something where I can make a 3d model in a program and just mess around with map layouts?

I don’t want to use forge in any of those games because they are very limiting and break with lightening and have horrible framerate issues with clusters of objects

Halo 5 Forge or Unity.

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That’s a tricky question. To put it in a game developer perspective: How can you practice making maps to be used in a game when you can’t test the gameplay in them? You can prototype but you should expect to have to change things or find things that need to be changed when you want to re-create stuff in Halo: Infinite.

I don’t think I have any good suggestions but here are some things that I do know about.

  • There’s a tool called Mjolnir Forge Editor that lets you edit Halo: Reach forge maps in the Blender 3D modeling tool. It “works” on every map but has full support only for Forge World. Forge objects are essentially just 3D points in space with a model attached and it even shows you how close you are to the object limit (650). The coordinate system has about 3 or 4 decimals worth of accuracy but rotating objects and having them saved in the correct place gets murky because of an unusual way that Halo: Reach compresses saved forge maps. Everything in it is designed to work with the vanilla game. It even lets you spawn in the secret invisible walls (It shows you their boundaries!!) and generator. Combine this with Reach Variant Tool and Reach has a powerful new range of Forge options.

It does require the PC version because you must turn off Easy Anti-Cheat to use it. I know it supports the Steam version but I don’t know about the Windows Store version. 0% risk of being banned because it can’t even read data when you have EAC running.
  • Halo 5’s forge is available on PC. It’s very un-optimized and you can’t use the Custom Game Browser but it does work. You can do a lot in this tool because it’s powerful but there’s a steep learning curve. I’m aware of it but I’ve never used it. Look up some videos about it maybe.
  • Because TF2 is free the Source engine Hammer editor is free as well. Valve is popular with the modding community for good reason. I think that if you settle for this option that you will find it useful for creating maps, though expect to be bogged down by stuff irrelevant to Halo: Infinite’s forge and the necessities inherent to using the Source engine. Maybe look into seeing if you can use Source 2, but if you do then make sure you know that there’s some way to export it outside of the editor and into a game you can play it on.
    If you really want to prototype maps in the Source engine then think of ways you can have other people play your map. Maybe you can make your own custom weapons and health system or maybe you can find some existing usable custom weapon that you can tweak to your needs.

  • Art is a skill. Practice. Try making something. Anything. There’s also lots of ways to do the same thing, so keep an open mind for alternatives because understanding them can help improve your craft even if you don’t want to do what they’re doing.

  • One last thing. We don’t know what we will be able to do with Infinite’s forge. “Tricks” used in other games to create an illusion that is inherent to the design of a game may not be possible or may require other wild tricks. The Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) has a lot of talks about game design from people who have created games. It’s dry most of the time but maybe something in there could help.

Dude you are the man. I just want something simple that I can block out maps in a 3D space and create map layouts that could be measured using halo’s basic metrics. Like a 4x4 block as an example and an easy way to mirror and stuff like that. Idc if it doesn’t look great but I just want to throw layouts down that I can use for reference when forge releases.

That way I could be in forge on infinite and have another program up that I can look at. Usually PC’s don’t like multiple games running at the same time so I’m looking for an alternative.

I really appreciate you’re time and hopefully if you forge we can look at each other’s work. I used to forge a lot and I have a lot of good ideas especially since the repulser and grapple are in the game