Forge Advice Needed, Help Anyone? Please?

Alright so I have been working on a map that has about 20 or so hours put into the, thing is I have reached my physics percent because most of the map consist of rocks and terrain. I haven’t even built the second side of the map yet and was wondering if someone could add my buddy on XBL since he saves my maps on his profile. I would link the info here but since we cant use fileshare online to access Halo 5’s fileshare, it just makes it more annoying at times.

The Map is a WIP and is named Parallax - Canvas, since I haven’t made an official name for it yet. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on what I can do to change a few things and if the map is too large or so. Please and thank you.

Add EdwardBuckODST on XBL