Forge Addons?

I was wondering if Forge will be including an undo/redo option in Halo 4. Another thing I was curious about is how we will be capable of sharing our creations. I felt that it was too difficult to get my creations out there for others to play, some kind of server that were similar to the Matchmaking experience would make that easier.

Another thing that I thought would be cool, but a shot in the dark, would be some kind of way to set up animation sequences within the engine. For instance, imagine you’re making a ship and you want to see the thrusters or something along those lines and you needed a flame. Little things like that. Triggers would be kind of cool too, something that says when you stand here there is a consequence or reaction.

What I’d really love is full manipulation of geometry. Kind of like Far Cry 2.

That would be pretty nice, terrain editing is probably something everybody would like to see in Forge also. It would be cool if you could mess with object hierarchy and edit things such as vehicle weapons. Say that you spawn a Warthog and you want something other than the chaingun and you want to replace it with something like a Fuel Rod Cannon; or even change what you are shooting out of the gun mounted, like a Gauss Cannon that shot out exploding shotgun shells (You could have an option for exploding ammo.)

A great option would be if you could spawn an object/objects into a location with an initial behavior. You could spawn a warthog in a location and set it up to drive into the wall whenever it spawned, set up how fast you want it to go and if its indestructable or has low health. If you had a trigger option you could set it up to go off whenever a player walked over it, and you could set it up to go off every time or at random times.

It would also be nice if the community could upload custom creations onto a server from their computer or to Forge directly, but I’m also getting quite wishful now hahaha.

I wish that Forge were as functionable as UDK, but that would create one hell of a learning curve for Forgers. But could you imagine if there was a Forging program for your computer? You would have a lot of freedom on the computer and more options likely. You could make a map on your computer, upload it to your gamer profile, and download it from your Xbox live account. That would be awesome.