Forge: Add Fine Control, Relative Rotation...

Hey 343, I hope you see this. Wondering what other forgers would think about the following suggestions:

  1. Add Fine Control - Or bring it back! It was great to have in Reach. I think it would be easier to use if you can click-to-toggle Fine Movement of objects with the left thumbstick. This is especially useful for moving objects up and down.


  1. Add Relative Rotation - You can use click-to-toggle the right thumbstick to toggle between Absolute and Relative rotation of objects. There have been times I would have a piece positioned at some odd angle then wanted to pivot it at 45 degrees. When I grab the object, forge resets its position to 45 degrees of the absolute grid, undoing the free rotation done before it.

and a bonus…

  1. Group Objects - It would be great to group objects and move/rotate them as one piece. If the budget allowed, Duplicating grouped objects would be great too.

Thanks for listening!

P.S. Increasing the budget would be nice too but I’m sure you’ve heard that one already :wink:

I remember hearing 343i say that they weren’t going to update the Forge Mechanics, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get our hopes up for Halo 5.

Likelihood is that 343i won’t add anything that changes gameplay. They can tune weapons and add content (e.g. armor, maps), but they will almost certainly not add new features.

Here’s to hoping for finer controls and added features for Forge in Halo 5 :slight_smile: