Forge 3.0

ive seen many posts on how we want the new forge to be and what we want added, so this is a response thread, and i would like you all to post wht u want added and changed for halo 4. lets make this popular so 343 will see and take our feedback
ill start

  1. odst drop pods-ive been trying to make them since halo 3 but they never looked as cool or performed the right way. when you got in them you clip ur weapon into the side and take control of the pod and maybe have a little manuever capabilities.

  2. ammo-yes i know theres other posts on these but i want to sum it all up and i give credit to whoever came up with it. anyways ammo of all sorts on the map tht u could pick up. you can make the any types of ammo you want and they come in like the little unsc ammo boxes or covenant ones.

  3. dead bodies and blood stains- yes weve all seen them in the campaign but what if you could make a scene of your own? for instance you wanted to make a somewht scary infection map so you make the lighting dim and put a few human bodys down the hallway with blood stains on the walls. sick right? or maybe you want to make a regular battle map and put dead spartans and elites and all other types of bodys and put them all over the map. the ideas r endless. they could do it three ways. they could either do it like (spartan type 1, spartan type , spartan type 3) in the forge menu and it picks out three different scripted armors and colors to place around, idea #2 is there is just one option for each type of body (ie spartan, elite, marine, grunt, etc) and it randomly makes body type made up of armor and colors. and its random so everytime u choose the option over youll get a, lets say were using a spartan body, and the colors and armor types are randomly generated every time. #3 is you can get more advanced and pick the armor thats on tht body type and the specific color. and there can be all types of bodys like as for blood stains we put in all the basics. the regular red human blood, the light blue grunt blood, the purple jackal/elite blood, green skirmisher/bugger blood etc. and then you can place it or stick it to any surface object such as a wall or ceiling or floor.

  4. this is also a biggy. many feel tht forge 2.0 was a let down because not all vehicles and possibilities were put in. im not just talking about the standard vehicles like in reach, im talking more. depending on wht vehicles they take out and put in halo 4, will change this, but they should have all the standard vehicles tht u would expect. Now, onto the big stuff. we need more variety to make bigger better maps and gametypes. like vehicles tht werent put into any halo forge. first off we should bring back the elephant from halo 3. although slow and somewhat vulnerable, it was invincible and made multiplayer and custom games turn into some wacky situations. but thts wht we love about halo all the crazyness tht can happen. i remember big team battle in halo 3 where both teams drove the elephants next to each other facing the other direction and as we were shooting and bombing the other elephant we all got this urge to become pirates and started jumping and boarding each others “ship” lets just say noone got the objective. anyways yes we want the old elephants back they were fun no matter wht. now some other vehicles. yes they should also throught in some easy to throw in vehicles such as the forklift and the troop hog. maybe even some civilian vehicles. those are a no biggy. but wht about pelicans and phantoms? is it possible we could forge them and fly them around? we would be able to load all the seats up with players and invade all at once quick and clean. whether they are invincible like the elephant is up to them. but even if we couldnt load up the phantom and pelican and sit in the seats and drive them, why not put them on the map anyway? thnk invasion where we could just place a phantom or pelicn to extract the core, and although we would be able to full interact maybe we could jump in the hangar and just use thier turrets? not a bad idea, but i would love to drive them and store my whole team in them. of course this is for forge not multiplayer so everything will be fine and balanced. unless 343 comes up with some crazy gametype with a pelican you never know! besides all tht, ik this is probably impossible but wht about ships? such as covenant cruisers and the unsc frigates with explorable hulls tht you could also put stuff in? hackers put the frigates on sandtrap on halo 3? why can a game developer do it? atleast its legal. but even if they couldnt how about smaller ships such as the one the odsts drop out of, tht are only half the size of the frigates? and for the covenant how about a corvette instead of a supercarrier? the ships may not happen, but pelicans elephants and all the others are possible.

  5. yes this is just a little idea. spawn different interiors and buildings. yes ik its crazy but think about it. maybe spawn the interior of a building in exodus in reach or the flood lair where all the flood eggs are on halo 3? then for buildings maybe spawn a specific forerunner structure such as the one at the end of halo 3 where *** ******* dies. crazy but just an idea

  6. this is just a small not important idea. ive always wanted to make a battlefield look worn and show tht something happend here before. so i think it would be kinda cool if you can spawn a destroyed version of a vehicle and place it on the map, uve probably seen the most commen ones the warthogs destroyed throughout the campaign. and yes ik i could just blow up my vehicle but then it dissapeaars eventually

7.(bungie lol) this is another small one, just random crap like trees and plants to maybe make a cool jungle or forest map

ok…now just take a minute and seriously think about how cool and detailed we could make forge…take a minute, breath it all in, and just think of the possibilities. there endless. just a forge world with all of these features would set the standard so high and blow the competition away. but now its ur turn. comment wht u think about the suggestions provided and write wht u would like to add. hopefully 343 will see this and take some of it into consideration. if i get enough feedback on here and people all show wht they want ill send this thread to 343. so comment and tell urs.

have at it.

sorry about the long paragraph, i had seperated it into body paragraphs but for some reason it didnt work

… i like it