Forge 3.0 [Please read]

Hey guys! -RANMAN10. Below I have taken the time to make a list of things that I think would be really awesome to see in the map-editing, or ‘Forge’ section of Halo 4. In the following list, the things listed are not meant to be thought of as an all in one package, but each as individual suggestions. I realize some of the following items listed may currently be unrealistic or impractical because of the stages you may be in the build of the game, although I believe they are things that would advance customablity, and also make nothing but positive drastic changes to the gameplay of Halo. I do have to say that the things listed below would widely open players to a wider spectrum of creativity, due to the amount of options players would have that have never before been possible. Hope you take the time to read my ideas, and if possible take them into consideration for incorporation into incorporation into Halo 4, or other upcoming games.

Let’s get started.

Objects Options

The following is describing options available for any or all objects and maps.

  1. Object Solid/Permeable options (For just objects, just players, or both)

  2. Object gravity/weight options

  3. Entire object color/textures/weather options

  4. Object size/proportion options

  5. Specific object spawn/vanish time options

  6. Object penetration options (How far you can shoot through an object)

  7. Object break options (Crack, break, crumble) – this option could be accompanied by
    damage options which would be how fast these affects take place

  8. An object limit number display (right beside budget amount)

  9. Bigger object count

  10. Object group selection

  11. Longer object spawn times (current maximum is three minutes)

  12. Functioning options not only for all players, but players apart of specific teams (On/off) ((Example: A vehicle with functioning off would serve for aesthetic reasons))

  13. A “show all” option in item options, which would display a waypoint above every item of that type.

  14. An undo/duplicate option. For example, for the undo option, executing an action like placing or deleting a block or item, and being able to undo it.

  15. An object limit instead of a budget count.

  16. Downloadable object packs

  17. Most objects being available on all or most maps

Individual Objects

  1. Crashed vehicles (Including Pelicans, Phantoms, Elephants)

  2. Windows with breakable glass with color, strength, tint, and “one way” damage and view options.

  3. Mirrors. (I realize this would take up more angle render usage)

  4. Placeable Invisible barriers like in the Halo 3 campaign that have no specific touch, but a strength of resistance

  5. Placeable death barriers.

  6. Placeable cameras with perspectives that would be viewed through a control panel or display that is accessed by pressing an action button (The RB, B, or X button) or viewed by approaching and viewing the screen.

  7. Doors with both/one way options.

  8. Automatically opening/functioning doors.

  9. Team and or individual life number per round or game.

  10. Numbered custom power up options (like teleporter channels but when traits are set to a number, any custom power ups set with that number will take those traits)

  11. Longer custom power up duration times (like 5, 10, 15 minutes, etc, or the entire game)

  12. Civilian vehicles (Like in ODST)

  13. A huge, flat object that could be used for ground, walls, or ceilings of an entire map.

  14. Stalagmites and stalactites for caves.

  15. A system where you can use more of an object than what you are allowed, but when you do it takes down how many you can use of another similar budgeted/sized object. Example, in Sandbox on Halo3, forgers are limited to 40 double walls. If a player chooses to use a 41st double wall, then another box would appear for a “substitute” item. The player would then choose what object they would no longer be able to use, ( “‘Sub’ block”) such as a double block, leaving a player with 41 double walls placed on the map, but now only 39 double blocks or single walls left available for placement.

  16. Missile pods that are in a fixed position

  17. Turrets that aren’t detachable

  18. Vines, ropes, wires, nets, flood tentacles, etc.(Would have an assigned point(s) or “focal point” that would be attached to the object where it is placed.)

  19. Flood “spores” from the Halo 3 campaign (wouldn’t necessarily have flood inside)

  20. Working elevators (Smaller, normal sized ones for players, and a larger ones for vehicles)

  21. The hovering sniper towers you find often in the Halo 3 campaign, that typically have Jackal Snipers in them

  22. General city or civilian object like bridge guard rails, traffic lights, etc.

  23. Spinning fan wall pieces

  24. Anti-Air cannons from the campaign

  25. Planes of different materials, textures (Would also include water)

  26. Incredibly large natural pieces, much like the rocks on Halo: Reach, but much bigger, being hills, natural material inclines, cliffs, etc.

  27. Pieces for indenting the altitude on a map to hold a river, or to serve as an island

  28. Boats that could be controllable (But as recently mentioned, functionality could be turned off for certain players)

  29. Equipment from Halo 3. I believe most players would definitely enjoy the return of things like bubble shields, trip mines, and portable gravity lifts.

  30. Working vehicle doors much like the one on High Ground on Halo.

  31. A power option on Man Cannons that would dictate how far it would send you (To make this easier, there could be an icon that would appear that would show where the player would land)((This would also save item space))

  32. Draw bridges that can be activated by a button, or be set to be raised or lowered ever certain amount of seconds.

Game Options

  1. An option that would decipher when the only time, or the only time that things like power ups, vehicle, lights, or even weapons can or cannot be activated.

  2. Drop ship options, including on/off

  3. Covenant, flood, Spartan, etc., AI with difficulty, and on/off certain team options

  4. Weather options

  5. Map locks so other players than the original map maker can’t edit the map it is assigned to

Please reply with your thoughts. Thanks for reading, Ransey Joiner, Age 15, Tennessee
-Xbox Live Gamertag: RANMAN10

I totally agree with civilian vehicles, they would be pretty interesting. Weather seems nice too. Also if they include destructible environments we should have an option to make objects destructible or not.

some good ideas for the mosst part, but may be un realistic when it comes to lag issues

Another idea I would to see implemented is if, when you placed an object on top of (or on the sides or whatever) another and toggled some button, the two objects would adhere and you would have a single, moveable object.

Example: Object A is created, placed on the ground. Object B is created and placed on top of the other. Assuming, for instance, that these were both blocks, you would suddenly have one large block to move around. This would be fairly useful in creating custom vehicles or just building more creative maps, i.e. placing a grav lift under a warthog, and you suddenly have a HoverHog.