Forge 3.0 great expert idea

When i heard of halo reach having a normal fixed and phased mode, that was great and all, but when i found out that normal mode was just like regular forge i got sad. The reason why is that

  1. Normal mode should be as if when u put an object down, u could move it still. I wanted to make it so that u can make ultiate jeng or base wars that counts as shooting the base. Bu then it turned out it went with the same old glitch of not moving when placed, people complained about imovable objects and so 343 should bring this in there game and not follow the mess that was halo reach.

  2. If this were shown, people would use that as often as physical, and fixed is just there for no reason, so wat do u say 343.

I’m not sure what you’re an expert in, but it sure as hell ain’t English.

Can you clarify what your post is about? I think you’re asking for objects to be move-able by players, but I’m not sure.

He’s pointing out that normal/phased settings only apply to placing objects, and not their actually physics. For instance, if I set a crate to phased, it does the same thing as setting it to fixed. If I set a Rock, Spire 1 to normal, I drop it, and it settles, it then becomes fixed, despite being set on normal.

I think they need to have object placement physics and object behavior physics, tbh.