Forerunners live! *SPOILERS*

In Halo Fractures With their work finished, the remaining Forerunners embarked on a “Great Journey”, exiling themselves outside the Milky Way, Chant-to-Green and Bornstellar (Forerunners) settled on a distant world without the comforts of advanced technology, with Chant eventually giving birth to a son.

So why haven’t we seen any of their descendants yet? Because even if they did not have advance technology, that doesn’t prevent future generations from creating some, they would be like the other races that had to restart their lifecycles after the firing of the Halos and the re population of their worlds, then they could then become a space fairing race and would have eventually met the covenant or the humans?!


If I’m remembering correctly, Bornstellar took the various surviving Forerunners to different worlds so they’d live out the rest of their lives alone, so the Forerunners would ultimately die out. Him living out the rest of his life with Chant and bearing a son breaks the agreement they all made, and it really isn’t fair for the son, brought into the world, then forced to live alone in penance for the crimes of his ancestors after his parents eventually succumb to old age.

It’s possible that Bornstellar and Chant had a change of heart, and decided to take their son somewhere with people (Forerunners or otherwise), or that their son found the ship and armor on his own, and figured out how to use it and escape that isolated world. There’s nothing in the published lore that tells us this, but it potentially falls into the comic-book trope of “if you didn’t see the body, they’re probably not dead”

I’m inclined to think they’re gone, except for Composed Forerunners existing as Ancilla.

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So your telling me only those two were allowed to have kids so he can watch all of them die then be the last one to die…that’s mucked up :scream:

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That’s my take on the situation as well.

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I guess it’s possible they are still around but the forerunners set the stage of humanity becoming the new forerunners. I think it’s in halo silentium but don’t they say they will not mettle with the flow of the galaxy anymore even if they survived? They have tried their best to clear a path for humanity to rise to the task of becoming the super power of the galaxy and inherit their technology.

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Ya but the story I’m talking about takes place after the books and that doesn’t stop everyone from agreeing with that plan

Honestly at this point anything is possible and everyone’s theories but be right at some degree. 343 can take the story in so many ways but they will have to do so to continue the franchise.

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Ya I even made a thread about that to that every game they just add new characters and lore and that explain previous ones