Forerunners friend or foe?

From the way that Guilty spark speaks of the forerunners it sounds as if the may be of nefarious means. Not quite sure whether the librarian is considered a forerunner or a separate entity,and I’m highly curious as to whom this unknown being is that 343 refers to as worse than the flood whom accompanies the librarian. Any who, please post your theories on whether or not the forerunners are friendly, what the Librarian is and who the mysterious temperamental being is that accompanies the librarian.

i think the being that is described wose than the flood is the Didact

What Spark says does not necessarily mean that the Didact will fight humanity, what it does imply is that the Didact is powerful and not to be crossed with.

One question; does Guilty Spark know that the Didact’s consciousness was transferred into the more compassionate Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting?

Another unanswered question is the fate of Faber, the Master Builder.

The librarian is a forerunner. In the halo 3 terminals the librarian was sending messages to the leader of the forerunner military. The librarian was the one that chose humanity to be the next race to take on there role in the universe like they did for the precursors. The librarian and the leader of the forerunner military were in love. The librarian is a female forerunner.

The person who is described in the last terminal is the Didact it is certain, not only did they use his symbol they mentioned Promethean and no Prometheans can be present without the Didact accompanied with them, just like forerunner war sphinxes.

And the Librarian was a forerunner but she was the only one who found humans amazing and revered them as the distant cousins, And the Didact was her husband until he was kidnapped by the master builder just above the San Syum’s home planet. He was the complete opposite of the librarian, he hated humans because they killed all six of his children in the Great Ancient Human-Forerunner war which lasted for over 50 years and many other reasons, but that was the main reason.

But although he hated Ancient humans he had a respect for them because even though they had just been ravaged by the flood and their population and technology was depleted they still healed out against the Forerunners for 50 years which no other race at that time would have ever dreamed of doing, and they also found a cure to the flood, which the forerunners could never do and it eventually led to the down fall of their entire species.

Sorry for the history lesson… ◔◡◔

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