Forerunners and a Jorge Question

The Forerunner question is this, when they first wiped out all sentient life with the first fire of the Halo rings, they kept specimens, samples, and DNA from different species so they could repopulate the worlds from which these species came. (Did I get that all right?) And since the Forerunners kept samples and stuff of every other species and repopulated the planets with the original species, why didn’t they do they same thing for themselves? Or maybe they did and Chiefs heading into some secret Forerunner planet where there are actual Forerunners? What do you guys think?

Also, this is in a few forum topics, but I’m confused and just wanna get this straight. Could Jorge 052 still be alive? Since the ship didn’t detonate, it just jumped somewhere random, do you think hes still alive? And if he was still alive, did he die for no oxygen since he took his helmet off? And this leads to a random question of, what do Elites and Brutes breath? Oxygen? And did the Forerunners breath oxygen? Thats why there was oxygen on the ARK and the Halo rings?

If I’m completely off on something, please correct me, like if I have my storyline mixed up or something.

Im pretty sure they all breath oxygen (the forerunners brutes and elites) the brutes and elites breath without any extra breathing equipment on both Earth and Reach, and in halo cryptum the main forerunner character (I forget his name) took off his ancilla on a human world so he would have to breath oxygen

Look at what happened to the area where regrets slipspace rupture happened in ODST and then come back and tell me if you think Jorge could have survived that.

> Look at what happened to the area where regrets slipspace rupture happened in ODST and then come back and tell me if you think Jorge could have survived that.

don’t forget that the unstable drive sent half the covernat ship to oblivion even he had jumped out I doubt he would had gotten far away before the drive detonated

Just a snippet taken from another similar topic

There is the slightest little bit of a chance that the slipspace bubble created by the drive that Jorge set off actually worked, transporting Jorge, the Pelican, the Corvette and half of the LNoS to some random place in the galaxy. Since the LNoS was in more or less mint condition when it was destroyed, its atmospheric retaining countermeasures could have worked (also we know that the bridges of Covenant ships are usually in the middle, therefore that could have been intact.)

As for the breathing thing, I’m not sure but evidence shows they all breathed oxygen/nitrogen pretty similarly.

And for the forerunner not preserving themselves, no one is quite sure why they didn’t, though I am confident that we will see some insight into that in the continuation of Greg Bear’s Forerunner trilogy. perhaps some reason related to the Mantle or the Precursors.


Yet another person who refuses to accept Jorge’s demise. I see one these guys every day here.

I was just wondering, people have been saying it and I was just wondering if it were possible, I accept Jorges death, just curious.

Oh, then sorry. The “people” you speak of are the fans who sometimes take the smallest part of a plot out of context and twist it to what they like. Example: the slipspace bomb teleported Jorge someplace. Even though the bomb killed him, some people deny it.

This is just a question, what bomb? I thought it was just the slipspace drive to split the ship?

I also accept Jorge’s death but don’t have any problem with the rampant speculation of very minute details and technicalities.

I believe he was using the term ‘bomb’ loosely, it was indeed a tampered slipspace drive that destroyed the LNoS.


The slipspace bomb. You know, the one Noble 5 and 6 brought onto the corvette via pelican to destroy it and the covenant super carrier the Long Night of Solace. However, the pelican’s thrusters and the slipspace bomb’s timer were damaged in the firefight and Jorge was forced to sacrifice himself to destroy the carrier and save Noble 6. However, he only willingly sacrificed himself because he believed Dr. Halsey (the closest thing to a mother he had) was dead and that destroying the carrier would save the planet Reach. He however was not aware of the remaining ships in Thel Vadamee’s fleet arriving at the planet and his sacrifice was in vain. :frowning: