Forerunner Weapon Idea

I dont have a name for my idea, but it would essentially be a forerunner grenade launcher.

But here’s the twist.

The launcher uses actual grenades as ammunition. More specifically, ANY grenades for ammo.
Example. Lets say you pick up the launcher when you have no grenades. The launcher will have no ammo in it. Then you walk over some frag grenades and pick them up. One of the frags will be loaded into the chamber when you hit the reload button. At that point, the launcher would essentially be like Reach’s nade launcher. Now lets say that instead we have plasma nades. A nade gets loaded in, and at that point it would be like the sticky det. in Halo 4. The same rule applies with forerunner grenades.

If you are holding different types of grenades before picking up the launcher, whichever grenade type you currently have selected will be loaded into the launcher.

So, what do you guys think? I personally think something like this would be really awesome. Its unique and diverse, like all forerunner weapons should be.

So like a blunderbuss?

idk sounds really cool and unique but really over powered seeing as though grenades do a lot of damage and people drop grenades.

I’m going to have to say no. Why?

1.) Why would forerunners create a machine that just pumps out anything that fits inside when they could make their own special grenade launcher with special rounds?

2.) People being able to pump out stickies at high speed and have the potential of unlimited ammo spells “imbalance” to me.

3.) It’s not a bad concept, but it’s just not a weapon that would have a likely chance of being balanced. I’d much rather have the grenade launcher return.