forerunner vision & bone damage system


so either we can only see through the walls with a view of a floating spartan and some map detail
maybe a few other changes to it

or by my personal opinion on the topic

pull up a view of a enemy aka like a death camera system to view sombody and you would be capable of reading there
-sheild levels
-ammunition and ability supply
-BONE STRUCTURE DAMAGE <–(will explain later)–>

with the data viewable the opinion on spammers who just look to find will be low while skillful users take note on what the enemy troops comdition is and have to plan a move ahead of time.

-The enemy knows when your spying so they have a chance to take counter measures
-VIEW is limited

<–(SPECULATION aka can view one but if anyone of there partners is near them you cant see there stats they may even blur out the details of everything to a degree to focus only on one person)–>

-Can see a bone structure

this by far would be benaficial


now based on the bone structure visual which could only be explained if its a part of the forerunner vision its either a additional visual for the pleasure of it


bone structures can take damage and strain to become a weakpoint after a long period of high quality or repetitive damage

like a bleed-through but one that takes a unknown amount of time to kick in but would serve as a weakpoint such as it would a head shot.

with this there can be a fair balance of realism and quality against all players which can open a vast amount of new thoughts and discussions by far to vast to mention in a single post


But i agree that FV is taking a good turn of balance by 343 and i first sorta worried about it but 343 are making it work.

That bone damage sounds like it might be some -Yoink- have to wait and see how it plays out.