Forerunner Vehicle Ideas

I need some Great and not glitchy forerunner vehicle prefabs just name them in comments please.

Could you explain more specifically what you mean?

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> Could you explain more specifically what you mean?

I think the OP wants to have Forge prefabs of Forerunner-style vehicles, although it’s quite the disconnect from the thread’s title.

A BIKE that shoots a beam.

maybe put a splinter turret on a warthog

not very original but its better than nothing

Something highly angular and kind of ugly, that assembles itself around the rider and passengers when boarded. I’d like to see another MBT that would give the Scorpion some competition that the wraith is incapable of doing. You could make it a medium pile of metal squares that sit on the ground when it’s idle and ruining to the middle of it is where you bored. Then the squares do some crazy precursor stuff and a tank builds itself around you.

Something that changes from inactive to active