Forerunner Tech in Halo 4

I’m playing Halo 2 as part of my Halo Marathon (playing all six game sin chronological order) and the game really reminded me how much I love all the Forerunner stuff, particularly all the Sentinels we got to see. Anyone else hoping for a wider variety of Sentinel in Halo 4, like the ones in Halo 2 and Halo Wars? Both games gave us a lot of great concepts. Even Origins I form Legends teased at some cool stuff we haven’t seen yet! I find the Sentinels to be very interesting parts of Halo, despite just being generic soldiers/guards. There is also the concept of AI. Maybe more Monitors, or something else entirely?

And what about weapons? I’m hoping that in Halo 4 we have to use Forerunner tech a lot more often than Human, since we should be running low on ammo and stuff. There is obviously the Senitinel beam, and the stronger variant from Halo 2. Then there are the energy sword/laser looking things that we got to see in Legends. I’m really excited at seeing what else they have. Then there are also Forerunner vehicles, which could be very fun to control.

And finally, structures. We have already seen the beautiful Halos, the Ark, the Portal, and a Shield World in the games. Now we have the legendary Planet with what looks like another Portal on it. I’m really excited to see what else they have to show us!

yeah i miss the forerunner wepons and tech