Forerunner structure in Halo Reach Forge

So I’m creating a machinima and making different bases/scenes for each character for the first few episodes. I’ve run into a problem, however. I have this one character who found a random teleporter on a Forerunner planet, but I don’t know how to exactly build it. I have it so he teleports in a long hallway with 4 different doors; but through each doorway, I’ve got just the floor with no dividers or anything. Any suggestions on what I could do?

You could make it so that if you go through each doorway you end up on a different map. Record the character going through a door made from a couple of overlapping shield doors (to help disguise the empty room behind), then film the rest on another map. This way you don’t have to build sets all on the same map and get some variety in the machinima.

Keep in mind High Noon/Hang em high has great forerunner pieces you can use for forge.